Section Objectives:

  • Provide a forum for professionals to meet and exchange ideas on all aspects of water resources and related fields;
  • Promote advances in water and related resources development, management and protection;
  • Distribute information on water and related resources and establish lines of communication with the public;
  • Relate the needs of water resource managers, educators and government agencies to qualified professionals and consultants;
  • Promote rational and objective use of water resources, and
  • Cooperate with other sections and public and private organizations concerned with water resources.


The AWRA National Capital Region Section bylaws can be found here.

Officers (2023-2024)

President: Tamim Younos, PhD, Green Water - Infrastructure Academy

President Elect: Shane Putnam, PhD,Dewberry

Vice President/Program Committee Chair: David Powers, CDM Smith

Vice President/Symposium Committee Chair: Norelis Florentino, Kleinfelder

Outreach Chair: David Conrad, Consultant

Membership Chair: Laura Chap, Atkins

Secretary: Tolessa Deksissa, UDC Arash Massoudieh, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Catholic University

Treasurer: Shane Putnam, PhD, Dewberry

Website Chair: Siva Selvanathan, PhD, Dewberry

Board Members-at-Large: Arash Massoudieh and Jason Davison, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Catholic University



Past Officers


        Keera Moore (2022-2023)

        Tolessa Deksissa (2021-2022)

        Seth Lawler (2019-2021)

        Sandra Pavlovic (2018-2019)

        Svetlana (Lana) Sindler (2018)

        Elisabeth Ross Eveleigh (2017-2018)

Norm Starler (2016-2017)

Cherie Schultz (2015-2016)

Tom Johnson (2014-2015)

Stacy Langsdale (2013-2014)

Nathan Beil (2012-2013)

Mark Dunning (2011-2012)

Bob Hirsch (2010-2011)

Betsy Cody (2009-2010)

Lisa Engelman (2008-2009)

Program Chair: 

Lorena Kowalewski (2019-2022)

Joseph Copeland (2018-2019)

Anne Baker (2017-2018)

Svetlana (Lana) Sindler (2016-2017)

Elisabeth Eveleigh (2015-2016)

Jason Giovannettone (2014-2015 co-chair)

Chuck Podolak (2013-2014 co-chair)

Tamim Younos (2012-2013; 2013-2016 co-chair)

Stacy Langsdale (2011-2012)

Nathan Beil (2010-2011) 

Mark Dunning (2009-2010)

Jack Frost (2008-2009)

Symposium Chair:

Tamim Younos (2018-2022)

Membership Chair:

Jason Giovannettone (2016-2018)

Mathini Sreetharan (2014-2016; 2018-2022)

Jason Giovannettone (2012-2014)

Sarah Freeman (2010-2012)

Marian Norris (2008-2010)

Outreach Chair:

David Conrad (2019-2022)

Arash Basari (2018-2019)


Arash Basari (2019-2022)

Lorena Kowalewski (2018-2019)

Rachel Grandpre (2016-2018)

Raymond Krahe (2014-2016)

Erica Brown (2013-2014)

Paul Koch (2012-2013)

Nathan Boon (2011-2012)

Christopher DeChantal (2010-2011)

Stacy Langsdale (2009-2010)

Mark Dunning (2008-2009)


Shane Putnam (2020-2022)

Devan Mahadevan (2019-2020)

Seth Lawler (2015-2019)

Celso Ferreira (2014-2015)

Paul Koch (2013-2014)

Tom Johnson (2011-2013)

Maita Pang (2008-2011)

Website Chair: 

Devan Mahadevan (2018-2019; 2020-2022)

Apple Loveless (2019-2020)


Keara Moore and Paul Koch (2019-2022)

Tolessa Deksissa (2018-2019)

David Conrad (2018-2019)

Sandra Pavlovic (2017-2018)

Karin Bencala (2017-2018)

Rachel Grandpre (2016-2017)

Rachel Bruscoe (2015-2016)

Sarah Ryker (2015-2016)

Elisabeth Eveleigh (2014-2015)

Norm Starler (2013-2015)

Cherie Schultz (2012-2014)

Paul Koch (2011-2013)

Lisa Engelman (2010-2012)

Tom Johnson (2009-2011)

Nathan Beil (2008-2010)

Noel Gollehon (2008-2009) 



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